The Mood is Set in Frankie’s Scrapyard

As promised and without further introduction, here’s the latest piece of concept work.

Demo level concept for Second Hand: Frankie's Revenge

This picture sums up the mood and art direction we’re going for. It defines the silhouettes, the color palette, the lighting and the type of material we’re going to build for the game. But this piece of concept is not just for tone setting, it’s going to be an actual part of the demo level. It will definitely take some time to create all the assets but it’s an essential part of having a compelling demo. The trailer we’re going to  put together is meant to get gamers excited about Second Hand and paint a clear picture of how we see the final game. Visuals are obviously a big part of that so we really want to communicate where we’re heading on that front.

Starting from this piece of concept, Gabi – our concept artist – broke it down into modular pieces of different sizes that we will now start building in 3D. Once those are done will start assembling, decomposing and reassembling the level. I am super excited to see if we can nail the style shown in this piece of concept art.

Until next time.


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